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Cookie policy

Bunnybet88 aims to always provide you with the best service and experience and the use of cookies is one of the best ways that we can offer service. The website below is an organization which will help you to solve various problems. You can contact via the telephone number, emails and other channels on the website. These organizations will keep your data confidential.

What is a cookie?

Cookies ( tracking cookies or browser cookies) are small data files which are stored on your computer from visiting websites and allowing the server to store your browser data. Every time you visit the same website cookies will be created and the browser can search the history of access along with store data and send it to the server of that website.

Cookies help to present data which meets the needs of users with efficiency and specific functionality that matches the usage of each user. Since the main function of cookies is to improve / enable access or processing of the website ,therefore blocking cookies can cause users to not be able to use the functions or websites that meet the usage of the user.

Use of cookies

Bunnybet88 uses cookies to improve presentation for a better experience. The use of Bunnybet88 cookies can be discussed as follows;

Tracking and analysis

- To analyze the number of visitors to the website to improve the services on the website.

- To collect data which will be used with the alliance program of Bunnybet88.

- To analyze the movement of users on the website and collect visitor usage data. Bunnybet88 collects these reports to develop the service.

Functions and features

- Remember your usage history when returning to use the website to display appropriate content and usage based on the same usage data.

- To make you receive fast service and meet your needs

- Use to provide online help via live chat customer service and Bunnybet88 use continuous cookies. For expired cookies, when you log out, it will be able to store data in your browser for a few minutes, depending on the type of cookie used.

How to manage cookies

You can customize the browser to block and / or delete cookie history on your computer by deleting or changing the browser privacy settings. Please note that blocking cookies may adversely affect the presentation of services or important parts on our website.

Main website

Please be aware of the accessibility of websites which mimic our main website. There is a malicious person creating a website to imitate, which is beyond our control. If you are in doubt about accessing the website, please contact the customer service team to solve this problem.